Mission & Vision

The Department of International Trade started its academic activities in 1995 within the School of Applied Sciences and was incorporated into the Faculty of Managerial Sciences in 2022. Its mission was defined as the advancement of knowledge in the field of international trade and providing students an interdisciplinary  education, to make them competent, skillful, active, self aware, critical and responsible citizens of the world they will inherit.

Changes in the world economy and the information technologies brought in the demand for specialized programs with interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum, aimed at the development and dissemination of new knowledge and skills. Considering the limitations of the general business administration programs reflected in the growing need for MBA programs, a group of faculty from Boğaziçi University developed the curriculum for International Trade Program in 1987. The curriculum, based on the disciplines of business administration and economics, would cover diverse subjects that would meet the information and skills needs for international trade activities of all sectors.

Based on this interdisciplinary philosophy, Department of International Trade awards a bachelor of arts degree and offers instruction in basic business, economics, law, foreign languages, quantitative techniques, specialized areas of international business, international economics, international law, strategic alliances/economic integration, entrepreneurship and related topics through a total of 54 courses. A total of 35 additional specialized departmental electives are offered. Some of the departmental elective courses are given by part time faculty who have a strong academic background and who are leading professionals in their fields. Students take complementary electives as well as the humanities /social sciences and unrestricted electives from the course pool offered by the other departments within the university. The language of instruction is English. Students are required to take six semesters of a second foreign language other than English. The innovative curriculum of the department earned national reputation. In 1997 Undersecratariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade organized a meeting and advised all Turkish Universities to start international trade programs using the model developed by Boğaziçi University International Trade Department. 

Given its philosophy of a flexible and dynamic curriculum responsive to environmental changes, the department strengthened its academic mission by a curriculum revision in 1998 and started International Trade Management Master's Program in 2006.