Exchange Program

Please click here to learn the current list of universities our department has agreements with and the application deadlines.

For this semester, the list of the universities our department has agreements with can be found here.


a. Only students with a minimum GPA of 2.50 are eligible. 
b. Undergraduate students must apply during their third semester in order to study abroad during their fifth or sixth semester or during their fifth semester in order to study abroad during their seventh semester. 
c. It may not be possible for students to study abroad during their last semester at Boğaziçi University. 


You need to fill out the Study Abroad Application, which includes the following documents: 

a. Completed Two-Page Application with appropriate signatures. 
b. Letter of Recommendation: One Letter of Recommendation must be submitted to the Office of International Programs with the form provided. 
c. A recent photograph 
d. Preference Form: Please list 3 universities and/or countries in order of preference. If you have no preferences, please mark the “No Preferences” box. 
e. Statement of Purpose 
f. Transcript (Student Copy) 

Please note the followings when you are preparing your application: 

All Study Abroad programs are for one semester only. You can not extend your exchange period. 

- Please get detailed information about the institutions you are listing in your preferences by, 
- Visiting the website of the institution. 
- Checking the information materials like brochures, information sheets etc. 

Please check the course schedules of the institutions that you are listing in your preferences, and make sure that offered courses are fitting to your schedule. 

If you are nominated for an institution, you will NOT have the chance to change it later. So, please make your preferences carefully. 

Following the declaration of evaluation results, selected students will be prompted to sign a binding "legal contract" confirming that (s)he will participate in the exchange program. New students will be nominated in place of those who do not sign the contract. 


Study Abroad Participants are selected by a Commission constituted of academicians from each faculty. 


When the Commission meeting is over and a complete list of Study Abroad Participants are completed, the results are posted both on the Announcements section of the web-site and on several places in the Office of International Programs. Additionally, e-mails are sent to the selected students. 

If you have been selected as a candidate for the program, then you will need to do the followings to be able to participate in the program:

1. Come to the Office of International Programs and indicate which semester you would like to attend the Study Abroad Program provided that the school you are chosen for gives you such a choice option. Sign the contract to confirm that you will participate in the program. 

2. Pick up your Application Form of the relevant university and be sure to learn the application deadline. If the university you are chosen for is in the USA or Canada, please start preparing for a financial document indicating that either you, your family or someone who knows you shall be sponsoring you with an amount of approximately $5000. Detailed information may be found in each school's application form. 

3. Since some universities ask you to state which courses you would like to take, make sure that you talk to your Academic Advisor and get a confirmation about the validity of those courses here at Boğaziçi University. This is a very important issue which, if not properly dealt with, may lead to serious problems for you such as loss of credits. 

4. Fill in the Application Form. 

5. After you complete the Application Form, leave a copy of it in the Office of International Programs and send it to the relevant university. 

6. Once you get an official letter of acceptance from the university, you will get the necessary documents for your visa application. For schools in the USA or Canada, in case you were not required to provide a Financial Statement of $5000, keep in mind that you shall be required to provide such as statement in order to get your visa. 

7. Go to your Faculty and turn in a petition indicating your reasons for absence (Dönem izni) in your exchange study period. 

8. Make sure that you pay your tuition fees to Boğaziçi University before you leave. 

9. If you are staying in any of the Bogaziçi University Dormitories, please contact the "Yurtlar Müdürlügü" for information about reserving your space while abroad. 

10. Please drop by the Office of International Programs and let us know of the exact dates of your departure and arrival.