Seminars & Events


Speaker: Güneş Biliciler

Title: Consumers as Naive Physicists: How Visual Entropy Cues Shift Temporal Focus and Influence Product Evaluations

Bio: She is currently a PhD candidate in Marketing at McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. She has an MSc in Social Psychology and BSc in Business Administration from Middle East Technical University. Her research interests include topics such as Entropy, Time Perception, Visual Perception, Minimalism, Product Disposal.


Speaker: Kemal Söylemez

Title: Underlying Factors Behind Generation of Different Types of User-Generated Content-Impact of Indıvıdual and Brand/Product Level Factors in Generatıon of Brand-Oriented and Community-Oriented Content

Bio: He has recently completed his PhD in Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. He has an MBA from University of West Georgia and BA from Bogazici University Management Department. His research interests include topics such as Online Marketing, Online Brand Communities, Electronic Word-of-Mouth, Social Network Systems, Internet and National Culture, Blogging and Mobile Marketing.


Speaker: Zeynep Müge Güzel

Title: Perceptual Standardization Gap: Antecedents and Consequences in an Emerging Market Context

Bio: She is expecting to complete her PhD in Marketing in June 2021 at Koç University. She has a BA in Economics from Bogazici and MBA from Galatasararay University. Her research interests include topics such as Perceptual Inaccuracies & Positive Illusions in Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Relationship Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Standardization.