About the Faculty of Managerial Sciences

The Faculty of Managerial Sciences (FMS) was initially established in 1995 as the School of Applied Disciplines. The Faculty of Managerial Sciences is organized in three departments: Tourism Administration, International Trade, and Management Information Systems. All three departments offer four-year undergraduate programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree. In addition, graduate programs that are coordinated by the Institute of Social Sciences are offered. 

Contemporary approaches to management require interdisciplinary work in addition to specialization. The Faculty of Managerial Sciences offers a high-quality education that fosters critical thinking and effective decision-making skills while being creative and responsive to the needs of a changing world.


Each FMS department admits students with the highest scores in the university entrance examinations in their own area. Fundamental courses in business, economics, law, information technology, and quantitative methods are offered in their freshman and sophomore years. Junior and senior year courses reinforce their academic background in their area of specialization. The program also allows students to concentrate on their areas of interest by taking elective courses offered by their own departments or by other departments in the University. In addition to English, students can study foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, or Chinese. They also get a chance to experience the business environment during summer internship programs. Successful students can attend Double Major Programs and participate in international exchange programs such as Erasmus. As of the 2015-2016 academic year, the Faculty of Managerial Sciences has 168 graduate students and 1326 undergraduate students. 


Graduate programs leading to an MA and Ph.D. degrees are offered with the coordination of the Institute of Social Sciences. Five MA programs are Management Information Systems, Business Information Systems, International Trade Management, International Competition and Trade, and Sustainable Tourism Management. Also, there is one Ph.D. program offered by the Management Information Systems department. As of the 2015-2016 academic year, 168 students are enrolled in graduate programs, and a total of 200 MA degrees have been conferred since 2003.

Faculty and Research

The multi-disciplinary education is provided by qualified professors from various disciplines, such as business, economics, engineering, tourism, and information technology. The Faculty of Managerial Sciences undertakes research in their own area of specialization, mainly in international trade, tourism management, and information technology and systems. The level and impact of research are equivalent to other faculties at Bogazici University. Faculty members undertake research projects and publish both nationally and internationally. They also organize symposia, workshops, and conferences in their fields. The Faculty of Managerial Sciences has a total of 37 full-time faculty members. As part of exchange agreement programs visiting lecturers participate in lectures and seminars, contributing to the students’ global perspective.  Professionals with expertise in specific areas or industries also teach courses as part-time instructors.


Approximately one-third of FMS graduates continue their education at the graduate programs of leading universities in Turkey and abroad. Graduates pursuing professional interests are employed in large domestic and multinational corporations. A large number of FMS graduates continue their careers in managerial positions.

For more information about the Faculty of Managerial Sciences, please visit: https://ybf.boun.edu.tr/