Masters Program (with thesis) - General Information and Admission

For the application dates and information in 2024, please visit this link.

Applicants should submit all of their application forms and supporting documents in the electronic system via the following link:

For more information regarding the electronic application system, please visit:

The department admits students only for the Fall Term each year. There is no application period for the Spring Term.

Departmental requirements for admission include a written test and an interview. All the eligible candidates including those overseas must take the written exam on the indicated date at the institution.

Applications with missing documents will not be evaluated. The only documents which is accepted past the application deadline are the undergraduate diploma, ALES/GRE score, and the proof of English Proficiency.

A maximum of 15 applicants will be admitted to the MA program.

Language of education is English. 

For information regarding tuition and fees, please visit:


Letters of Recommendation: Two academic letters of recommendation should be submitted and one of the reference letters should be written by a recommender who can judge applicant’s academic qualifications.

Undergraduate Diploma: A copy of the diploma authenticated by a notary public or an official certificate of graduation taken from the undergraduate school are accepted.

Transcripts: Official transcripts that show all the undergraduate and graduate (if any) courses taken, grades received, and the grade point averages obtained.

Undergraduate GPA requirement: Minimum 2.50/4.00 or 75/100. The applications that could not meet that criteria at the time of application will not be evaluated.

ALES Score (For Turkish Applicants): Minimum General Score (EA): 75

GRE/GMAT Score (for Foreign Applicants, and for Turkish Applicants to be used instead of ALES): Applicants may choose to submit GMAT with minimum score of 600 or GRE-quantitative with minimum score of 700 (equivalent 155 in new system). All the scores must be taken within the last three years. Photocopy or student-copy will not be accepted.

Proof of English Proficiency: All applicants are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency prior to registration. For the proof of English proficiency, you are strongly encouraged to have one of the standardized tests (TOEFL or ILETS) by the application deadline, but the Department will also accept the results of Bogazici University English Proficiency Test (BUEPT).

For further information on the standardized tests (TOEFL or IELTS) and the minimum score requirements, please visit the website of the School of the Foreign Languages from the following links: