Mandatory Internship




After the completion of the sophomore year (2'nd grade), our program has a total of 60 working days internship requirement. The purpose of the summer internship is to provide the students with the opportunity to see the real-life applications of the theoretical knowledge they obtain at the university, and to provide an easier adaptation to the business environment in their careers after graduation. In the first half of the internship, the students are expected to work in two of the principal departments (finance, marketing and production) of the company to become acquainted with these functions; whereas, in the second half of the internship, they are expected to specifically work in departments where the international aspects of the business take place. The intern students is obliged to make a direct contribution in the tasks given to them in the company.


1. In order to graduate from the Department of International Trade, every student should complete the 60-day internship requirements after their sophomore year and each internship should be a minimum of 20 working days.

2. The students who have not fulfilled their internship requirements are not allowed to register to the department again, even if they have successfully completed the number of course credits needed for graduation. These students are obliged to complete their internship requirements during the first semester following the completion of their course credits.

3. To start the internship, regular students need to complete at least four semesters and irregular students need to complete at least three semesters in the program. According to this rule, even in the case a student fails from all the courses s/he has taken, s/he can start the internship at end of the fourth semester (third for irregular students) that s/he has registered.

4. Students complete their internship requirement through a three-stage process:

(1) The application for internship and to start the internship according to the Internship Information Form, which needs to be approved by the Internship Committee

· The company where the internship to be made needs the approval of the Department of International Trade. If the company doesn’t satisfy the internship criteria the internship will not be valid.

· For insurance procedures, students must hand-in the Internship Information Forms to the Department of International Trade at least 2 weeks before the internship starts. The Department of International Trade gives this information (about the company) for each student to the university's Accounting Office. Foreign students should learn their ID numbers from the Accounting Office.

· The insurance covers only the work accidents during internship period.

· The internship can be performed either in Turkey or in a foreign country.

· The intern should not be a first order relative of the owner of the company of internship. In that case, the internship will be considered as void.

(2) Preparation of the Internship Booklet and Its Submission to the Department of the International Trade

· By the end of the internship period, every student is obliged to prepare the Internship Booklet to give information about the internship company and activities.

· The Internship Booklet should include: (1) general report,  (2) weekly summaries and (3) evaluation.

General Report: It covers theoretical and practical information about the activities of the job. This report should also describe the internship company, the structure of the department worked, the management style, the responsibilities of the people in the department and their job descriptions. If present, the bibliography of the sources of this information is included.

Weekly Summaries: They should include the details about dates of activities and jobs performed, and department worked. If necessary, the printed materials, such as forms and brochures, used during the activities of the job, can be added by explaining their purpose of usage. Useless repetitions should be avoided and all the jobs performed should be written in detail.

Evaluation: Here, the students judge the contribution of this internship to their education and the applicability of course material to the real world.

· Every page of the Internship Booklet should be sealed by the internship company and the weekly summaries and the daily records should be approved and signed by the authorized person of the related department.


Digital copies of Internship Booklet, which shows how many days the student worked (start & end dates) + Internship Company Evaluation Form (to be filled by the student in order to evaluate the company) + Intern Evaluation Form (which evaluates the student's performance during internship and to be completed by an authorized person from the department in which the internship is conducted) should be sended to within the 30 days after the completion date of the internship. We do not receive documents by hand.


· Expiration date for the Internship Booklets is 6 months after the last day of the internship period..

(3) The Evaluation of the Internship Booklet by the Internship Committee and Approval

· The evaluation of the internship is based on the Internship Booklet and the Intern Evaluation Form completed by the authorized person in the internship company. 

· The Internship Booklet is evaluated considering its content and style. The internship commission can demand additional material from the intern student if necessary.

· Grading of the internship requirement is for "no-credit" and is in the form of pass/fail (P\F), which is considered in the semester following the internship period.

Foreign Students:

They should learn their foreign ID numbers, which is recorded in the first page of their residence certificates and which can be accessed through the following web site:   

Afterwards, they should go to the university's Personnel Department with their foreign ID numbers and get their Social Security Numbers.


Forms & Documents:


For all document submissions and inquiries related to the internship, please send an email to


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Post-Internship Questionnaire:

After completing your internship, you are required to fill out a short questionnaire in which you will provide feedback about your internship experience.

We prepared a short survey, filling out which is required for all INTT students who completed at least one block (between 20 - 40 days) of their mandatory internship.

This survey aims to collect feedback on your internship experience and your satisfaction about our department's mandatory internship program.

The survey will take only about 3 to 4 minutes. and here is the link to the survey: 

Your feedback is important as it will help us improve both the mandatory internship program and the internship experiences of INTT students.


Internship Database:

Note: Upon request of the new internship applicants, the department secretariat will provide the e-mail address & contact information of the internship places.